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Home Automation

Why Busy Entrepreneurs Use Home Security and Mobile Control

They seem to be everywhere—smart, motivated, and driven entrepreneurs out to set the business world on fire. Have you wondered how they make it all happen? They leverage the power of technology to cut through the waste in life and maximize all of the process in their lives to benefit an ultimate goal. That’s why…

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Bringing Home Baby: Home Automation Tips for New Moms

Bringing home baby is a wonderfully exciting time, but once the guests leave and reality sets in, it can be a scary time too. Suddenly, you are the caretaker of a little human and their precious little life is in your hands. That’s huge! Then you mix in sleep deprivation and the pressures of adjusting…

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Home Automation and Halloween: Safer Together

Halloween is always filled with plenty of fun, and plenty of safety concerns. Not only do you want to keep the kids safe, you want to keep your home safe as well. Unfortunately, one of the less fun aspects of Halloween is that it can make our home very vulnerable to everything from vandalism to…

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