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Fire Alarm Systems

Celebrate National Fire Safety Month with Increased Awareness

October is National Fire Prevention month so there is no better time to direct our attention to fire prevention and protection matters. Each year more than 4,000 people die in house fires. That is one every 3 hours 25 minutes. Direct losses due to fire are estimated at $7.3 billion annually. Perhaps the most significant…

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Harrisburg Fire Alarm Systems: Getting It Right From the Start

If you have ever gone through the process of obtaining AHJ approvals and passing fire alarm inspection or acceptance test the first time, you know it is never an easy process. Most businesses find the process much more involved than they had anticipated, and not nearly as straightforward as they had expected. There are ways…

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Home Security Includes Pets Too

Having a fire safety plan is vital for every family. If you are a pet owner, having a plan that includes your pets could avoid heartbreak if an emergency occurs. Our four-legged friends can easily be overlooked during a panic, and the best way to ensure every member of your family, including the furry ones,…

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