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Business Security: Upgrading Technology is Cost-Effective


Keeping your security apparatus up to date is extremely important, even when budgets are shrinking. The less that you lose to unlawful activities, the more your security technology ends up paying for itself. Understanding the best way to protect yourself, and your business, will show itself in an increased bottom line. Keep these concepts in…

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Home Security Systems: How a Burglar Sees Your Home

Residential Burglary

Statistics show that a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. That means the odds of it happening to you are probably higher than you may have thought. But by putting yourself in the criminal’s shoes for a moment, you can have a better idea of what to do to reduce your risks…

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Kids and Security Systems: What to Say and How to Say It


Many parents believe that installing a security system will help their kids feel safer – and in the vast majority of cases, that proves to be the case. But if your kids are among the rarified few who get scared, annoyed or skeptical about your decision to incorporate electronic security products into your home, the…

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The Fast Track To Holiday Safety


The holidays are fast approaching and if you don’t believe it just take a stroll through your local WalMart or Costco. Halloween and Thanksgiving are practically an after-thought amongst the rows of Christmas trees, plastic Santa statues, wreaths and garland. This can be an exceptionally busy time of year, filled with family gatherings and a…

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Worst Places to Stash Cash and other Valuables

Thieves have one mission: to get your valuables. And if you think it is easy to outsmart them, think again. Thieves are masters at their craft and know just about every trick you could possibly use to hide valuables such as cash, electronics, and Jewelry. Thieves know that you want to keep your things safe…

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Back-to-School and Beyond: 7 Smart Home Helps

When the kids are in school, life inevitably gets even busier for them, and you. As they get older the schedules get fuller and fuller with things like sports, music lessons, school events and more. Especially when thinking about older kids, it is nearly impossible to be home for all of their comings and goings.…

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What’s New with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0

Around here, few things excite us more than new security and automation products and features, and right now something has us all abuzz with delight. Why? Honeywell recently released some new enhancements to the popular and award winning Total Connect 2.0 platform that will allow users to more completely adapt Total Connect to the way…

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Improve Church Security in 11 Steps

There was once a time when churches across America would leave their doors open, so anyone come in and seek refuge from their troubles in a House of Prayer. Today, only a few uphold this tradition. While we would all love to think that things could remain as simple as they once were, the fact…

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