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Celebrate National Fire Safety Month with Increased Awareness


October is National Fire Prevention month so there is no better time to direct our attention to fire prevention and protection matters. Each year more than 4,000 people die in house fires. That is one every 3 hours 25 minutes. Direct losses due to fire are estimated at $7.3 billion annually. Perhaps the most significant…

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How Do You Know if Your Business Needs Access Control?


Security is a concern for every business, and justifiably so. Crimes such as employee theft, shoplifting, vandalism, and workplace violence are very real and prevalent problems today. Many businesses take some great precautions such as installing security alarms and video surveillance systems but fall short when it comes to access control systems. Why?  Because many…

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Pets and Home Security Systems. Can They Coexist?


If you have a pet or pets as part of your family, you may have wondered if it is possible for you to have a home security system. Many homeowners with pets rule out the possibility of having a home security system believing that pets would disrupt its effectiveness. Fortunately, today’s technology allows you to…

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Harrisburg Fire Alarm Systems: Getting It Right From the Start


If you have ever gone through the process of obtaining AHJ approvals and passing fire alarm inspection or acceptance test the first time, you know it is never an easy process. Most businesses find the process much more involved than they had anticipated, and not nearly as straightforward as they had expected. There are ways…

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Summer Months Mean an Increase in Home Robberies


Warmer temperatures mean more vacations, getaways and weekend parties. The summer overall means a relaxed attitude; from the sleeping in to staying out late. Burglars take full advantage of a homeowner’s relaxation during the summer which is why there is a significant increase in home robberies during the summer. Tips for Protecting Your Home During…

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The Insiders Guide To Teaching Your Kids About Home Security

Harrisburg home automation systems

One of the most important reasons you probably installed a home security system was to protect your children. Nothing frightens a parent more than the thought that their children may be in danger and they cannot get to them in time. So, now that you have a home security system, should you teach your children…

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Home Security & Social Media: Not So Good Together?


It is not uncommon to use social media to keep family and friends up-to-date. You use it to share your photos, status updates and even announce what is going on in your life. While social media keeps you connected to those you know and love, it also helps burglars target you and your home. If…

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Home Security While On Vacation


Knight Security, a full-service security monitoring company in Harrisburg, would like to offer you these tips and suggestions for protecting your home from theft while you are away on vacation. Protecting your home when you are away shouldn’t have to be something you worry about and by employing a few simple tricks, you can leave your…

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