Business Security Systems and Other Top Ways to Reduce Retail Loss

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Retail loss hurts everyone. Inventory shrinkage and other forms of retail loss account for at least 1.47% of retail revenue, and an annual $44 billion annually in the US. Ultimately, those losses are translated into higher prices for the consumer, fewer raises for the employees and reduced revenue for the business.

Youtube Videos Show How to Breach an Automatic Garage Door in 6 Seconds Flat

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Garage entrance is one of the criminal’s favorite ways to enter a home. This may seem odd until you look at it from a criminal’s perspective. It is actually quite logical and very simple — someone entering a garage does not throw up the same red flags as someone breaking glass or climbing through a window. Most people do not think twice about seeing someone near a garage, and once the door is open, the thief quickly slips in, closes the door, and breaks into the home (or prepares to steal from the garage itself) while completely obscured by the closed door.

Does Your Business Have a Plan for Responding to an Active Shooter?

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It is an unfortunate question that demands an answer. Sadly, the United States has experienced a number of active shooter incidents in all types of venues, and the trend does not seem to be slowing. Any business can be vulnerable to such a situation, so every business should consider having a plan in place to prevent and manage such an event.

Medical Alert Systems are Pure Gold in our Golden Years

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There are a lot of hurdles to overcome as we age, and one of the most significant is how long we are able to stay in our own home. Studies show that most seniors want to live in their own home for as long as possible and believe they will always be able to live independently.

Holiday Home Security Tips: Make Thieves Hate You

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Nobody wants to think crime can happen in their own neighborhood, and much less to themselves or family members. But the fact is we are all vulnerable even here in beautiful Harrisburg. And that is even truer during the holiday season.

Distraction Burglary Tactics to Watch Out For

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It’s been a while since we have told you about distraction burglary happening locally, but there have been cases of it recently, from Philadelphia to Harrisburg and many places in between. The fact is, home security is being threatened by distraction burglars and you need to know how to protect yourself. Here are some of the most common tactics distraction burglars will use:

3 Things a Burglar Wants from Your Home

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Have you ever wondered what burglars really want? If you know what they’re looking for, you may be able to thwart burglars by keeping things under lock and key a little better. Then again, arming your system is a method that works pretty well too. Nonetheless, here are three things burglars want in your home:

Preparedness Plan: Is Your Business Ready for an Emergency?

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Harrisburg security company customers: Did you know that September is National Disaster Preparedness Month? That makes this the perfect time to review information on preparing for natural or man-made disasters, either of which could easily happen right here in Pennsylvania. Here are some ideas on how to get prepared.

Ask Yourself These Home Security Questions

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If you are a Harrisburg home security customer of Knight Security Systems, you already have an advantage over your peers who don’t own a monitored alarm system. However, there are still some questions you may want to ask yourself when it comes to home security. Count up your yes and no answers to these questions:

When the Criminals are Your Neighbors

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Like many of our Pennsylvania home security customers, you may have been raised to “keep it to yourself” anytime you have suspicions about a neighbor. Regardless, law-abiding citizens have a duty to report suspicious activity in their neighborhoods, for the good of themselves, their families and other residents. If you moved into a neighborhood believing that it was safe, you have a right to defend the integrity of your surroundings – but it’s important to go about it properly.

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