Flood Insurance Increases – What Can You Do?

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Not all of our Pennsylvania home security customers realize this, but the Commonwealth is one of the highest flood risk areas in the United States. Pennsylvania property owners have received $1.14 billion in payouts from National Flood Insurance Program, which makes us number five in the country. That may sound like a good thing for homeowners who have received payouts; however, because of the high volume of flood insurance claims that have been filed in the Northeast since 2011 (some of them connected to Hurricane Sandy in 2012), flood insurance is getting more expensive than ever.

Do Alarm Signs Really Work?

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Yes, they do! Here is how our Pennsylvania alarm systems company knows this to be a fact.

Burglary Laws in Pennsylvania

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It’s definitely wise to know the criminal laws in your state, especially the laws that are on the books for crimes like burglary. With that in mind, here is some information on burglary laws in Pennsylvania for our alarm systems customers.

Problem People for Your Business

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Security problem people, that is – that’s who we’re talking about. We don’t want any of our Pennsylvania alarm systems customers looking back and kicking themselves, once they realize that they could have prevented theft from happening. That’s why we want to list some people who could be potential security problems for your business. These are people you should watch out for and keep a close eye on, just in case they aren’t as trustworthy as they may seem.

Having the Home Security Talk with Your Teen

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Teenagers are a handful; that’s why our Pennsylvania home security professionals want to give you a few pointers that can make home life with your teen easier (at least when it comes to educating them on home security). Many teens will claim to “already know everything” about keeping safe when they’re home alone, but as the parent, you know better. Teens may put on a brave face, but they still need guidance. Here are some things you can discuss to give them true confidence in their home security knowledge.

Protect Your Business from a Snow Storm Burglary

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We may not be calling it the “Polar Vortex” anymore, but winter weather has descended upon Pennsylvania in a big way. With that in mind, we want our Pennsylvania alarm systems customers to be aware of the harsh reality: Winter is just as risky a time for burglaries, at least for businesses. That is because thieves and vandals are counting on nobody minding the store in the midst of the snow, winds and other harsh conditions. They take advantage of the opportunity to break in, and take everything they can get their hands on.

What is an “Event” on Your Security Cameras?

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According to our strategic partner Honeywell, the way to get the most mileage out of your security cameras is to only program them to record events. This is especially the case with Total Connect, the outstanding remote video monitoring system we offer here at our Pennsylvania alarm systems company.

College Students and Burglary: Why School Breaks are a Risky Time

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Here’s an important topic that affects some of our Pennsylvania home security customers, particularly parents of college students. Parents, have you thought about whether your child could be a victim of burglary at his non-dorm residence? Here’s why you should give it some thought, especially during extended breaks from school like winter break, Thanksgiving break, spring break or summer break.

What a New Year’s Eve Burglar is Looking For

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Harrisburg home security customers: If you plan to be gone on New Year’s Eve, that’s great – but the fun will come to an end quickly if your home is burglarized while you’re out. To reduce your risks of a New Year’s Eve burglary, we highly recommend you hide the following items in your home:

How to Prevent Holiday Home Fires

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Pennsylvania home security customers: Did you know that one out of 40 reported home structure Christmas tree fires results in a death? That is staggering, considering that the U.S. Fire Administration reports an average of one death per 142 total reported home structure fires the rest of the year. So, why are holiday home fires more deadly than other types of home fires?

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